James Herman - Habitat, 2024.
Earthen construction, with fused glass windows, cedar, tile mosaic, and rocket stove.
When approached by Olderbrother to make something using found clay, I envisioned a permeable structure incorporating glass, reflecting my recent fascination with the material. I am intrigued by the malleability of mud or adobe construction, which lends itself to playful exploration and evokes associations with the human body. The human-scale application of adobe construction parallels the intimate relationship we have with clothing, both serving as means of protection and self-expression, while architecture shapes our interactions and experiences in life.
Utilizing found clay from California's recent mudslide, my proposal aims to embody elemental forces prevalent in recent climate events: earth, air, water, and fire. The earth forms the walls, while the open design allows air to pass through, facilitating the function of a rocket stove for heating. Glass windows, crafted from molten silica, symbolize fire, while a waxed canvas cedar roof signifies water diversion and protection. Water, essential for shaping and molding earth into architecture, underpins the concept of "earthitecture."
Despite its compact size, the space accommodates human needs and activities, such as shelter, rest, food preparation, and leisure, reflecting a harmonious integration of form and function.

- James Herman

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