Hand Me Downs - A Scientific Study

We’re proud to publish our recent study on the transcendental nature of the Hand Me Downs paradigm. 

Hypothesis: Katie’s flawless headstand prowess will be transferred to Elden through the act of passing down her Olderbrother shirt. At our benchmark aggregation session we noted Elden’s legs flailed and had trouble executing a solid “10”.

The next step involves laboriously documenting details like synergy, angles and body temperature with instruments like stethoscopes, oscillators and protractors.

Side note: Natural indigo dye is a superb conductor. Our professional impression is that because the dye is made from plants it’s easier for other natural properties to be transmitted.

Using our carefully collected data we triangulated through a non binary architecture with lots of mathematic equations and meditative thinking.

Conclusion: Hand Me Downs are supernatural conduits.

When Elden dons Katie's Hand Me Down shirt, he performs a perfect headstand. This momentous discovery marks a giant leap forward for core curriculums, the human race and outer space.

Jazzed by all this synergy we look forward to bringing you more elucidating studies soon. Now, get to our website and order yourself, your friends and your family a set of Hand Me Downs.