Eric Trine - Advanced Chair Theory


Designer extraordinaire Eric Trine is at the forefront of the revolutionary field of Chair Theory. It’s a meditation on ancient knowledge passed down through mystic papyrus, tours of the future and playful innovation. It’s a different way of thinking... a new philosophy for the modern age.

Trine describes his aesthetic through the imaginative question: What if Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, and David Hockney were surfing buddies?

Based in Long Beach, CA - all of Trine's projects are conceived, engineered, and prototyped in-house. All production takes place within a 30 mile radius of the studio, through a network of trusted vendors and artisans.

When contorting yourself into more advanced positions, Olderbrother’s generous garments are the perfect compliment to make sure you can get where your going without movement restriction. Trine is a professional and we recommend completing introductory courses before attempting advanced maneuvers. 

In its nascent state, Chair Theory still has many hypotheses to prove and chairs to awkwardly sit in. As the paradigm shifts, we will keep you updated.

Chairs, objects and Advanced Chair Theory courses can be purchased through the showroom and online at Follow him on Instagram at @etrine.