Yogurt-Dyed Collection (April Fools)

If you love yogurt, now you can wear it!

This collection boasts flavors like Japanese sweet adzuki bean, Burmese rose water and fresh basil with goat cheese. For our lactose intolerant friends, we’re also offering a coconut base option. 

All of our dyes are natural and safe to eat and suffice to say, fresh yogurt is edible. We work with the finest artisanal yogurt, made locally in small batches from a traditional family recipe.

Step 1: Carefully (safety first) pour yogurt on to the garment.

Step 2: This is a key step: put your hand in the yogurt.

Step 3: Spread the yogurt on the interior and exterior, being very careful to get it into the nooks and crannies.

Step 4: Put the shirt on.

Available for purchase next April Fools day.


Cinemagraphs by Ryan J Bush.