Vogue Italia Video

Watch the video made by Wiissa for the Vogue Italia x Yoox "The Next Green Talents" project that we were featured in.

The film is a celebration of Mother Nature (Mãe Terra in Portuguese) — women, femininity and the natural world. The collage of visuals feature the most sustainable kind of “fashion" that occurs in nature (shells, plants, shadows and light, sea sponges), as well as sustainable clothing by modern designers. 

All art and fashion are originally inspired and made from nature. The video takes place in a sort of utopia, a kind of Garden of Eden with women enjoying nature and creating art: painting, moving and dancing. The ultimate inspiration of the video is how nature, the body and art fit together. It’s a celebration of earth, women, and sustainable fashion. 

"We are so excited to be a part of this project and love supporting sustainable initiatives as much as possible. We personally try to buy mostly vintage clothing as an act of sustainability, and are so excited by new designers creating timeless pieces that provide an amazing alternative to the popular fast fashion tendencies of today. We are big nature lovers and spend a lot of time in beautiful natural locations for our work and during our time off, and are proud to support this project that takes steps in preserving the environment."

Watch the video.

Wiissa Olderbrother Vogue Italia Sustainable FashionWiissa Olderbrother Vogue Italia Sustainable Fashion

Wiissa Olderbrother Vogue Italia Sustainable Fashion