Random Acts of Kindness

Olderbrother believes in the power of kindness. While we were shooting these photographs, Claudia Chaverra shared how Random Acts of Kindness Week revolutionized her school district.

“Many forget the impact small, unplanned acts of care can carry. During Random Acts of Kindness Week, students are encouraged to leave warm notes on other kids’ lockers, buy someone lunch, make friends with a student who sits alone.”

“Our after-school program not only promote acts of kindness in our students, but also encourage being the difference in their peer's lives through movements such as the You Matter campaign. Students created a video journal where each of them told someone in their life why they mattered. Initiatives like these nurture empathy in our community, growing a sense of understanding the other at a young age.”

“This growth can find you in any stage of your life. I'll give you a personal example from today's morning coffee run. When I reached the window to pay for my drink I was told the lady before me had already paid for my coffee. Surprised and elated about how thoughtful she was, I paid for the person behind me to continue the kind act.”

“And so I leave you with a phrase I stand by, ‘practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty", written by Anne Herbert in Sausalito, California.’”

We believe that reaching outside of yourself and caring for the balance of the world around you is an infectious act of love, inspiring others to do the same.