New York Times Coffee Dye Feature

“What better way to start the day than in a delectably comfortable garment brewed with velvety coffee,” said Bobby Bonaparte, 30, a partner in the clothing company Olderbrother. It may sound strange (how many times have you ruined a morning outfit with spilled coffee?), but that’s the concept behind Olderbrother’s latest collection, mocha-and-espresso-hued clothing made from natural coffee dyes.

Designed by Mr. Bonaparte and Max Kingery, 29, who together founded Olderbrother, the caffeinated collection is built around basics: button-down shirts, sports coats, T-shirts and trousers. “With the panache of a virtuoso barista, we utilize a specialized pour-over method to stain the garment,” Mr. Bonaparte said.

The eco-friendly clothing is fabricated from organic materials that could be, according to Mr. Bonaparte, composted in your garden. “There is no place for heavy metals or toxins in our lives so, true to that, they don’t touch our clothes,” he said. “Like a seasoned hiker, we work to leave no footprint behind.”

- Alex Tudela

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