Indigo Process

We care how our clothes feel on your skin so we hand dye them with natural dyes. With the care of a bonsai master cultivating a blossoming cherry tree we massage every garment for four minutes in a bubbly bath of deep blue Indigo.

Directly after dipping we gently squeeze the clothes to allow the excess Indigo to return to the vat. To ensure ideal color conditions our natural dye baths are fastidiously maintained like a skillet of savory jambalaya.

When the garment is dry we repeat the dip and dry process six to eight more times. Each run creates charismatic hues of natural Indigo like pleasing ocean waves.

To be clear, Olderbrother does NOT condone child labor. Elden participated for reenactment purposes only. However, he did proclaim that it is “really fun,” so, on second thought, maybe we’ll add him to the weekend shift 😉

Cinemagraphs by Ryan J Bush