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In the final days of this collection we’d like to share with you -

Fermented Reality


“Fermented Reality” is an installation by Maru García in collaboration with Olderbrother that allows one to experience the environment through the lens of the microscopic organisms that surround us—both inside and out.


The installation centers the process of fermentation in a reality not easily available to the human eye without magnifying instruments. For thousands of years many different cultures have learned to cohabitate with invisible microbes through fermentation—a process during which organisms orchestrate a symphony of chemical reactions that lead to transformations that we live with and benefit from on a daily basis.


A durational process, the installation illustrates in real time, the evolution of several different fermentation processes such as; kakishibu (dye produced by the fermentation of persimmons), prickled tuna fermentation (for vinegar production), kombucha (for the production of biomaterials) and bokashi (an anaerobic composting culture that through fermentation decomposes organic matter).The techniques provided describe a circular process that connects all organisms back to soil and rock with iron content and other minerals used for dyeing processes. “Fermented Reality” also references the burial of vessels for fermenting performed throughout the world.


We have created an AR app for you to appreciate if you are unable to visit the installation in person.




“Fermented Reality”  App is a collaboration between Joteva Studio, Maru García and Olderbrother.