Strange Plants II x David Schiesser Collaboration

In response to the destructive impact of fast fashion, Olderbrother formed the Plant Aridity Awareness Society to combat plant aridity unawareness, cultivate a sublime community for refugee flora, and spark the slow-fashion revolution. 

We are proud to release of the official “Plant Aridity Awareness Society” uniforms, inspired by the book Strange Plants II. The collection features new work by German painter, illustrator and tattoo artist David Schiesser, who is one of the artists featured in the book.

Schiesser created two new illustrations for the collaboration, which express the idiosyncratic kinship between humans and nature. “The combination of humans and plants has forever been a vision expressed esoterically or biologically,” Schiesser explains. “As pulling clothes on is an act of adding something to your body, the drawings illustrate the idea of changing it in a botanical way. The cactus simply creates a prickly feeling, or even more, an idea of a feeling that I found was interesting to combine with clothes.”

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