Favour, the Alchemist

Thick salty air brushed against the girl’s nose and spoke softy to her.

It offered her rich wools, fine wovens and a place to sit while the sunshine bathed her face. 

It sang to her and she stood listening softly, her head swimming in shades of black indigo.  

She travelled down to the indigo tides and let the bubbling water swallow her toes whole.

She sat in awe and took turns breathing with the tides.

She wanted to capture the feeling and keep it with her forever.

The sun hung high overhead and she shielded her eyes from its glow. 

As she staggered through the windswept dunes, she filled herself with its presence. 

Soon her spirit swelled and she realized, she knew herself all along.


Photography - @hornbecker
Creative Team - @allison_kerst & @zavertnik
Model - Favour Kibali