Zip Jacket - Kakishibu “Hand-Me-Down” Zip Jacket - Kakishibu “Hand-Me-Down”

Zip Jacket - Kakishibu “Hand-Me-Down”

$ 295.00

  • “Hand-Me-Downs” up-cycled item.
  • One-of-a kind hand repairs and color.
  • Organic Japanese Cotton Corduroy Zip Jacket hand vat-dyed in fermented persimmon fruit then soaked in Iron, creating a beautiful burnt-brownish-lavender color. A color so good you will see it again…
  • Dyed & Sewn in California.
  • Free Shipping for Orders in the US.
  • Biodegradable packaging.

Delicate and one of a kind ! Please celebrate the irregularities. Color VERY UNEVEN!

Size Guide  (Shot in XS - Model : 5'10)

Care Instructions